DIY Expeditions – Dreams don’t wait

Ever dreamed of your own expedition? No strangers in your group, no pre-determined schedules and objectives, nothing but your individual adventure travel. We give you a hand doing so. Ski touring, mountaineering, trekking – we help you to get your project going!

Our offer – tailored travel

We have a network of guides, drivers and tour operators in 19 regions. Together we solve your questions and prepare your expedition. We clear your biggest hurdles – high costs and missing data – because we connect you directly to our local partners and experts.

For you that’s good news. On the one hand, you profit from our network of contacts, which is available to you world wide. We know each of them personally, by experience, and know how they work: reliable and professional. For this reason, we can arrange and plan anything of importance to you before you leave for your expedition.

On the other hand, you profit from the local low costs and do not pay European or North American prices for guides, logistics and accommodation. That’s how you can afford a customized expedition even for the smallest group or even individuals. You book with our partners only those parts of your travel you really need (for example a transport, a mountain hut or a guide for two days).

Additional services

We offer equipment (e.g. satellite phones) to rent and for purchase, can give you extended service within Europe (e.g. accompanying travel guides) and put news and reports from expeditions and destination on our blog, the quarter-annual Newsletter and yearly eMag.

Send us your questions about your expedition ideas!


New train connection to Machu Picchu

May 1st, Inca Rails opened a new train connection

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New Destination: Japan

In the last weeks we added Japan as the next desti

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